Miniland group started business in 1962 and invested heavily in testing to assure the products meet the most stringent safety and quality standards. Over 50 years, Miniland Educational is the leading brand in the European market for toys and educational materials.

獲得多項國際專利認證如ISO 9001及EN71認證,目前已遍佈全球50個國家,是世界各地著名的高品質和安全教育玩具。Miniland目前在多個國家皆被教師特定年齡段列入課堂教學。透過不斷創新開發產品,讓孩子從遊戲中獲得各式各樣的基礎知識,並且堅持著一個最大的原則-學習,源自於簡單的快樂。
The products have been qualified in several international certificated and patent, such as ISO9001, EN71 and AST… etc. The sales is cover over 50 countries as an international famous high quality safe educational toys.
Miniland Educational series have been assigned by teachers as the material of different age level in many countries. Through keeping develop new products, we insist our important principle- “Play time is a fundamental activity during childhood”- children can learn any kinds of basic knowledge through playing.


From pre-school to teens, Miniland group provides a full range of teaching aids to meet different needs.


Most items are self-developed and manufactured in Spain for offering the high quality products.


特殊軟塑膠材質,通過歐洲 EN-71品質認證、耐髒、耐用可水洗。
Our plastic toys, durable and washable, are made by special soft plastic material and all qualified the certificate of EN71.

Play Miniland玩具與數位的完美結合

Play Miniland是一個全新的學習體驗,透過專屬的網站數位教學(,讓玩具穿梭於虛擬及實體之間,利用數位遊戲及玩具的相結合,激發出更多元的玩法,開發出令人難以置信的教學體驗及富有吸引力的樂趣。
Playminiland is a new learning experience, which connects our products to digital world and virtual world, it helps stimulating and developing more diversified learning experience with attractive fun.


Our products are developed and designed by professional design team and educators who cooperate different products suitable for different age. During design and molding process, the semi-finished products need to keep running examination and test for making the high quality finish products.


“Play time is a fundamental activity during childhood”. During playing, children can discover their interest and cultivate the concentration.


Learning by doing is the best way for pre-school children to get in touch with education. Through different games/toys, children can learn correct values and develop good habit through playing.